Imagine. Launch. Execute.

A good idea is only the first step, but the path from the idea to starting and developing a successful business requires persistence and dedication, but also specific knowledge and skills. We launched the “Venture an Idea” project to support you on this journey and make every step easier and more successful.

Developing the ecosystem

The “Digital Serbia” initiative, with the support of USAID, will lead a consortium gathered around the “Venture an Idea” project for the next four years. Partners in this project, which focuses on the development of the Serbian innovation ecosystem, will be the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Nova Iskra, PwC and Startit.

What we plan within the "Venture an Idea"

Promotion of entrepreneurial values through programs for the development of an entrepreneurial mindset for future innovators, startup founders and other entrepreneurs.

Strengthening the connection between the academia and business community, improving the capacity to develop innovations at faculties and establishing coordinated mentoring programs.

Capacity building of organizations support startups, development of new and improvement of existing support programs.

Encouraging multidisciplinary innovation-oriented research and raising awareness of the importance of multidisciplinary and diverse innovation development teams.

Building an entrepreneurial approach and entrepreneurial mindset at faculties in the field of natural-mathematical and technical-technological sciences.

Programs for the development and improvement of knowledge exchange in the startup ecosystem, work with mentors, advisors, research and development partners and co-founders between Serbia and more developed markets.

To Venture an idea means to revive it

If you agree that a good idea is necessary but not sufficient for success and that action needs to be taken to make the ideas a reality, then you want to be up to date with the activities of the “Venture an Idea” project.