It seems that with the pandemic we all started to appreciate the value of the dedicated, functional and inspirational working environment. While it is good to know that it is possible to have an online meeting from anywhere the place where you spent the majority of your time during a day should be a place where you feel at home – but just not your home.

Although that coworking concept will not fit everyone or at least not every type and size of the company, the core value of coworking actually lies in its community and overall atmosphere. From an individual point of view, coworking might be a perfect solution especially if you’re a frequent traveler and have the advantage of working remotely and Belgrade offers a variety of inspirational and multifunctional coworking spaces that could fit a variety of needs.

A community in a coworking space represents a diverse group of people that could have more things in common other than just shared office space. Some of them are working in the IT domain, some of them are in creative industries, some are more creative, the others are more managing type, but all of them enjoy chatting over coffee or a tea, love to share a lunch break with someone, or to join the small community events now and then, involving drinks, music or board game afternoons. It is in human nature to have a need to connect and interact, especially if you are in a new country and do not know many people in the first place. 

Having in mind that people in Belgrade, and Serbia generally, are known as friendly and welcoming, helps newcomers to adapt easily into most of the coworking crews here. It could boost opportunities to meet some very interesting and inspiring people and even to find new friends. 

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Therefore, we wanted to highlight some benefits of working from these kinds of spaces that you might not be aware of.

Dynamic working environment – but for real! This phrase might be the most used one and you probably heard that like a million times. But what does it mean? This represents a true “spur of the moment” game of darts on the balcony while you’re taking a break or waiting for the client’s reply. Or someone’s dog patrolling in search of petting, while in the kitchen someone enthusiastically discussing a fresh idea with a coworker. 

Working in peace and quiet, but not being isolated – being disconnected from the outer world might be a dangerous thing, you probably won’t be more productive when isolated, you are just going to procrastinate more. Surprisingly, it is more accurate to find your peace and quiet, as well as your motivation and productivity, in a place where you’re surrounded by friendly faces and creative people thriving at their jobs. 

Motivation and cooperation – very simple and important, yet very underestimated or misunderstood terms. Being motivated is not an easy task, but seeing other people in a community working, trying and giving their best in what they do has to boost motivation on your own. On the other hand, not everyone is a team player and coming to a coworking space might be a certain going out of your comfort zone moment. You might be surprised how much easier it is to cooperate with someone with whom you already had lunch on the terrace or talked about last read book, than with someone who has a “nice website”.

If you decide to try this way of working in Belgrade we can recommend a couple of coworking places with a vibrant atmosphere that could be ideal for you such as Startit Center, ICT Hub, Impact Hub Belgrade, Nova Iskra Workspace, and many more…