The report “Women in the Serbian Startup Ecosystem” was created as a result of a deeper analysis of the information presented in the Startup Scanner 2022, obtained through a survey of 150 founders of domestic startups.

This report provides an overview of the startup ecosystem through the prism of gender (in) equality, that is, findings on the number and role of women in Serbian startup companies. The results of this research provide answers to questions about the motives, obstacles, sources of funding and future plans of the founders of innovative companies in Serbia.

The results of the research show that there are positive trends in the domestic startup ecosystem when it comes to women’s representation, but they also indicate areas and figures that we need to work on and improve.

We believe that the publication of this report is a significant step forward in creating an environment in which women in Serbia will receive constant support for venturing their ideas and taking a greater part in innovative businesses.

If you want to get an insight into more data on women founded startups, women’s participation in startup management and other information on the role of women in the Serbian startup ecosystem, see the report we have prepared for you.